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452 American scope rings

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Hi, just purchased a 452 American .22 and I'm looking for a set of rings. Can anyone recommend a few manufacturers with model numbers? I plan to mount a 1 inch tube Simmons 3.5x10 with a 40 mm objective. I removed this scope from one of my deer rifles I plan on selling.

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BKL 257.I just put a set of these on an American with a Weaver V-16 which is the same size objective as the one you mentioned and it was just right.You can get the BKL 257's at either Brownells or Sinclair International.
I would suggest the Warne 7.3/22 rings in High. Steel and strong.

Here they are on a 452 American .22lr, Bushnell L.E. Elite 3200 4-12x40mm A.O.

Here they are at Brownells. Half way down the page.

http://www.brownells.com/aspx/NS/store/ProductDetail.aspx?p=16768&title=7.3 RINGS

Hope this helps.

Craig N.
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BKL257's on a CZ American mounting a Weaver V16 scope, hope this helps.

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Thanks guys

cnelson, are these the same as the 7.3's you made reference to at Brownells?

If you have a sportmans warehouse local , they have them. That's where I picked mine up. The ones at brownells aren't the 22 cal rings , the ones at midsouth and sportsmans are the rimfire ring. That's reflected in the price dif

Yes those are the rings.

Funny thing is that I did buy my Warne rings from MidSouth Shooters Supply. If you order from them, call the order in. When I was looking on the website, the product # for the mediums and the highs were the same. I called and worked it out with them. They were very nice about it and sent me the right ones. This is my first set of them (Gerald - gmd1950) turned me onto them. The ones from Brownell are the same, but you have to scroll down half the page to see them. The first ones on the brownells link are the true 7.3 rings, and they are awesome rimfire rings. But the price turned me off on them.

Good luck.

Craig N.
Just wondering about a cleaning rod and bore guide. Is it best to buy a smaller rod like a .17 on up for this rifle? I have Dewey rods for my large centerfires.

I use a Dewey .20 cal rod w/ the adapter to put on a 22 cal jag.

I got a .22 cal Dewey rod also, but the .20 cal rod is alot nicer in the tight bores of the CZ's.

All of my other .22's I can use the .22 cal rod on them.

As for using a .17 cal rod on them, I don't know. Seems like it would be kind of wobbly in the bore and might bend a little to much w/ the extra room. .20 cal works nice.

I would recomend a Possom Hollow bore guide. These are the exact same as the Sinclair Intl. bore guides, but Sinclair uses the name "Possum Hollow" when they distribute them to others to sell. So get either one.

Midway has the stuff and so does Brownells. Not sure which one is cheaper. I order stuff from both. Also, might want to check out MidSouth too.

Craig N.
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Mr. Nelson has given you mucho good advise, both on the rings and cleaning rod, welcome to the CZ ward.

Thanks again guys. Its kinda funny though, last friday I went to Cabelas in PA with the idea of buying a 7mm mag and instead, came home with a CZ 452. I've always heard great things about these rifles and probably would have purchased one eventually, but you know how it is, how can one go to Cabelas without coming home with a new toy!

Apparently, with the high cost of ammo, 22 sales have increased dramatically. Can't wait to shoot this thing!!
I second the burris .22 deluxe rings- all steel (if you go DELUXE) and fit nice. I tried the medium ones with a 3-9x40 tasco and I had 1 mm of bell clearance, but I had problems with the bolt hitting the large zoom ring. You can pick them up at midwayusa. Good luck with the decision.

Chiming in late, here.

I have the BKLs on my 452. I like the double set screws of BKL. And they make all the possible options you could want. Low/High, single piece or separate. 1" or 30mm.

My 452 is in 17HM2 and sports a Bushnell 5-15x Legend. And yes it's accurate enough to utilize the 15x power.

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