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My son-in-law told me tonite he and his fellow pressmen ran CCI, HORNADAY and the new REMINGTON .17MR labels for three-and-a-half shifts (35 hours) straight last week, to produce 400,000 labels. Remington's order was the largest, at 200,000.

He showed me a Remington label. It read in part: "Warning! It is illegal to trade or barter this ammunition for real estate, sport vehicles, precious metals/gemstones, aircraft or political favors (see insert for complete list)."

I'm off to Louisiana at dawn and maybe I can find a .17 box or two in one of those bayou gunshops while I'm redfishing. Boudreaux won't want my money -- just all my fishing gear, car, and boat/motor in trade. He'll likely pass on the wife, tho I'd certainly take any offer under advisement...
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