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I picked- up a 346K at a pawn shop yesterday.IT shot ok.I took it apart to clean it.It was really dirty.I took the bolt out and gave it a good cleaning.I oiled everthing put it back together.Now it only fires about everyother round.The firing pin seems to be striking the shell but its not going off. Anybody have any ideas what went wrong?? Thanks.
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Did you...

Take the bolt apart and give it a good cleaning??? Could be some old gummy oil amony other things slowing that firing pin down. Check that first. God Bless, Frank.
like Frank Said...

:D Like Frank said,but i soak the bolt for a day or so in Kreo in a coffee can. slosh it around every so often. it seems to really get into the tight places and disolve and soften any varnished oils or grease from yrs gone by. make the final cleaning easier. When you have it apart if the firing pin has any rough spots ,polish it up abit I lay mine on a fine emery paper on a piece of glass and wet polish it with oil to polish the sides ,clean the striker and spgs and lightly lube, If it worked b/4 you "cleaned " it you almost had to disolve something and it got to where it is slowing the firing pin as Frank stated. :D
I shot it 3 times when I brought it home. It could of already had this problem.The last time I shot it it fired 3 in a row then missed 4 .I didnt take the bolt apart I just sprayed it with b-12.The firing pin does not seem to have much spring to it.How do you get the firing Pin out??Im going to soak the bolt today like you said.Its a nice old gun I would like to get it working. Thanks
Hello Sellar,
You say it fired 3 and the fourth did not go off. Sounds more like dollar box ammo to me. if you attempted to fire several more and it dod not fire I would worry.
That is what is called a mossberg hammerless, but the hammeerless seies are the only ones that have a hammer. Figure that out. The firing pin just sticks out the rear of the bolt. as long it is free and the front not broken off it should work.
another thing about that model is it cocks the hammer on pulling the bolt to the rear. If it is hard to pull. remove the stock you will see a rod with a spring around it going from the hammer back, this goes through a little bar that hooks into the bracket for the trigger. Put some grease on the rod and it will work wonders.
also if you remove the bolt don;t pull the trigger the hammer has to cocked to get the bolt in.
Hope it gives you alot of shooting.
Still no luck.I soaked the bolt in B-12 for 2 days.Guess Ill take it to a gunsmith.Its striking the shell but not going off.I tryed different ammo same results.Thanks for the replies. Sam
Hey Sallar !!

You say " Its striking the shell but not going off." !!! Depending on the indentation of the firing pin on the rim of the shell, you may have a head-space problem. Sometimes the pressed in barrel (held by a screw/bolt) moves forward enough to extend the head-space and not give the striker enough impact to fire the round… This may only be a few thousands but it does sound like it may be a possibility…. Of course if the barrel is screwed in, this is not the case, but I'd still check the head-space anyway..
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