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Didn't have time to do much else with it today, but did put about 50 CCI Velocitors through mine from sandbags at 7 1/2 yards. (Main reason for going was to do some pin practice with a 1911 and a 625.)

Was shooting 5 shot strings. Consistently left and a bit low. Best group was four in an inch with a flyer 1 1/2 inch low and a bit more left. Some of the flyers may have been me, but I had a really solid setup. Also, the hotter the gun got, the wider the spreads with more verticle stringing and even farther low and left.

Wonder if that has anything to do with the steel barrel tube inside the alloy barrel -- different exapnsion rates when hot? I remember that as a problem in some early aluminum block car engines with iron cylinder sleeves and heads.

I like the weight and for a back-up to a back-up and loaded with 8 Velocitors, it can go in the pocket and you forget about it. But, it's definitely not for anything over 7 t0 10 yards.

Was fun
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