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.30-30 Ammo with Pointed Bullets

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Since Henry Single Shot rifles do not have magazine tube considerations, does anyone have experience with spire point bullets in .30-30 Win. cases? I ask this for two reasons.

1. - I am getting somewhat low on 150 gr. round-nose .30 cal bullets and at the moment, they don't seem to be readily available. I do. however, have a good stock of 150 gr and 165 gr spire points for .308 Win.

2. - If anyone has loaded such, any increase in accuracy?

It has probably been discussed elsewhere but I don't know where to look.

Thanx in Advance.
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Hornady has been doing it for more than 10 years with their LeverEvolution .30-30 ammunition.
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This thread title reminded me of this scene from "The Dictator"...haha

I shot pointy bullets in my .30-30 Marlin for years in metallic silhouette, they shoot just fine. No worries if loaded singly.
But don’t get them mixed up with the other ones!
They will shoot just fine for plinking, but will not expand on critters. They need more velocity to mushroom
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".....but will not expand on critters."

Bullet expansion is critical, Thanks for the guidance Turkeytown.

I guess bullets designed for .30-30 Win. would be ill suited for a .308 Win. or .30-06.
Ive had a Savage 340 bolt gun/box mag and Win lever guns.
Pointy bullets will work fine in any box magazine, with tubular, to avoid popping a cap on the next one up, make the pointy be the one in the chamber for your first shot.
Bullets that are intended to expand will do so from a 'base velo' on up. Go too fast and some have said they may come apart (those have to be waayyy fast!), sure dont have to worry about that with a 30-30. 308 bullets have a nice BC, will hold their velo well (not decelerate as quickly as a poorer form) and likely expand ok out to 200yds on deer sized game; ie, the point of 'base velo' for reliable expansion.
Decades ago western gun-writer Sam Fadala wrote a fair bit on improving the performance of the venerable 30-30 with just such projectiles. You may find it online? (idk, didnt look).
Keep in mind that this applies to actual pointy hunting bullets for hunting humanly, not FMJ's. Use those for practice and fun.
Also, ime, the greater limitations of 30-30 rifles for shooting distance is the rather coarse sights; scoped no probs.
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I shoot 125 grain spitzers in my 30-30 T/C Contender pistol instead of the normal 150-170 grain flat points. When reloading I just treat the spitzers bullet for flat point swap of similar weight like any other normal component change and begin low and work up. The potential for improved accuracy is there as the normal 30-30 bullets are shot thru open sighted lever actions and no great efforts are put into the bullet accuracy. You can also set your length overall, neck size, and other accuracy techniques for the Henry instead of for lever gun cycling.
As long as you stay with "normal" cup and core traditional bullets they should work fine. NO fancy "premium" bullets. Keep ranges reasonable so that striking velocity is reasonable. Bullets like a Sierra 150 gr flat base spritzer is a good example. Good luck with a really neat rifle!
This is where a Savage 99 in "Cal .30" (can't use that other company's name - 30 WCF!) [later .30-30] comes in handy. ;)

Rotary magazines don't care whether the bullet is pointy or rounded.
I use to own a Remington Model 788 bolt action in .30-30. The only spitzer type bullets were 125 grain, very accurate. When reloading heavier bullets like 150 - 170 grain, I always used those designed for .30-30 velocity and Deer sized game.
Should be no problem, though loading data that has an exact match for a given bullet may not be available ...

That said, instead of using 308/30-06 type bullets look for the lighter jacketed stuff designed to work with 300 AAC Blackout since they should be designed to work at velocities similar to what you can obtain from a 30-30.
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Tough to find 30-30 bullets right now. Came up with some Hornady150 RNs but the 150 Sierra FN is nonexistant. Every now and then you can find some 140&160 gr Hornday Levrlution but they’re **** scarce too. Same with the powder. Brother in law came up with the idea to load only 2 SP 150s in his lever gun. Worked great for him for 25 or 30 years. One in the barrel, one in the magazine.
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Ive been reloading Remington 150 Pointed soft points in my Win 94 for years. I single load these directly into the chamber and than fill the mag tube with 170gn cast for backups. I keep them in there own box with a big label “Single Load Only”
In the 1950s the American Rifleman or Gun Digest ran an article by Phil Sharpe in which he was searching for a MOA 30-30 load (bolt gun, of course). Sharpe was v serious rifleman. I don't recall the end result, but you might try tracking down his story.
I looked for a Remington 788 in 30-30 years back, when I finally found one at a gun show it was waayyy out of my price range. So I went with a Savage 340 in 30-30, it was a rather crude working gun....but a bolt action, and already d/t'ed for a scope mount. Never really warmed up to it......
I still would give a 788 a go.
The COAL has to be kept short with the pointed bullet to get a lever action rifle to feed and eject a live round. Bullet jump gets very long.
Blue collar reloading had some 30-30 bullets last time I was in... no Sierra, but lots of hornady.
While you may not be close enough to NC to pick up, they do have a web site and will ship to your location.
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