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25 mph winds but still perfect day

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What a great way to spend an afternoon. Playing at 50 yards trying to learn to shoot the wind and did I get a lot of experience. Wind was pretty steady at 25 from the west but then started coming in from the south.

After my shooting I found there was a benchrest match going on further down the range. Had a chance to look at all that trick stuff the big guys use. Never saw so many wind flags. I thought the desert was in bloom. Hey wait, this time of year it is.

Bought some decent ammo and a few new essentials. A better rear bunny bag and watched for a few hours.

Then I saw the Chevy Sport's Challenge guys practicing for this weekend's match. I was even able to shoot a neat 10-22 with adjustable McMillan Stock and a Kidd trigger. Tom from Kidd was there and I learned a bit from him.

There is just so much to do with the .22 I'm glad I had a day to soak it all in. Wish more of you lived in the southwest and could shoot almost all year with us.
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