Hi everyone,
My friends at our local range showed me a tool they were trying to buy online for sorting 22LR ammo, but had issues purchasing it for $175. They know I have a small shop, and asked if I would build them a tool. What they didn't know is I already made myself a tool just for this job. I didn't copy the other tool, even tho they look alike, they work differently.

This is the Tool I make and use to sort 22LR ammo. It works by comparing Chambered round depth, and Rim thickness. It is made from 6061 Aluminum with a good quality .001" x 1" Dial Gauge.

We have all sorted ammo by weight, and rim thickness, but I think the most important measurement is being missed, and that is how close the chambered round is to the rifling. Or, if your rifle has a Match chamber, how far the round is seated into the rifling when the bolt is closed.

*Shipping is included to the lower 48, other places, contact me, we can work it out.

*Payment by Paypal to the email below. For alternative payment, here is my address. Please let me know if you are sending payment so I have a unit ready for you. The first run sold out this week, and I ran another 12 to have one ready for you!
Thanks for looking,

Gerry McKown
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