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(If this is a silly/stupid question go easy on me)

Is it possible (through some parts swap?) for me to shoot 22LR ammo in my 22 magnum rifle?

LR ammo is so much cheaper than Mag it's unbelievable! I don't want to make my mag rifle jealous by spending too much time with my LR pistol.

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Your memory is better than mine!

I got your original "ALT + ####" list printed and thumbtacked to the wall next to me.

(10-29-2002 08:18 AM)

My 22 ¥ (yen) Alt + 0165 ;)

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...On the other hand, if you come across a decent 10/22 Long Rifle barrel to swap, and want to do some cobbling on a LR magazine, the only other problem I could forsee might be the difference in the bolt face relief which would induce some slop, but possibly not actually affect anything...

But whatever.... DON'T try it with the magnum barrel.

I know converting a magnum to Long Rifle raises the hackles on the Magnum crew, but I've long considered that option just for the steel receiver, if I could find one cheap.

You'd probably never get away with shooting subsonics in it though, the bolt would be too heavy.


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Chief says :

Go the other direction .

Convert your Long Rifle to shoot magnum ammo.
Use the same receiver " 10-22 LR "
use magnum magazine , fer the 22 mag end of the barrel.
Convert a 22 LR mag to fit the larger magwell.
Switch barrel to other end = shoot LR .

PROJECT requires .
10-22 lr
BC Backer stock.
.920 barrel " chambered one end LR - the other 22 magnum.
Convert the 10-22 to magnum ( ChiefDave conversion )

one gun does both = Add a 10-17HMR barrel = ALL GUN.

Already done that . can post pic if site allows ?

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BigMike said:

I was just in the neighborhood dropping-off the Post on Jewell Triggers for 10/22 Mags...... ;)

Couldn't resist adding my 2¢ worth here...... :D

¢ = ALT + 0162 [num pad keys] ;)
May I suggest a Macintosh? It's so darn much easier. For example:

¢ = option + $


¥ = option + y

Who can ever remember ALT + 0162???

:confused: :confused:

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