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Have any of you bought .22 ammo from CMP lately? They have a couple different types available for around $1 a box delivered.

When I was in college (1990-ish) and shooting on the pistol team (NRA Standard Pistol), we generally used ROTC-supplied GI ammo. It was plain white-box standard velocity Olin. Shot pretty well from our Ruger Mk II Gov't models and my High Standard Victor. CMP has this for about $100 delivered for 5100 rounds.

They also have Western T-22 and two different Federal loads that are not considered surplus (one std vel and one high velocity).

Any thoughts on this ammo? Thanks.

BTW...I went plinking this weekend and realized that most of the .22 ammo I had was pretty old "promo-type" stuff (Wildcats, Thunderbolts and Sovereign Tigercats). It was also pretty obviously degraded based on the audible variability. So I need to lay in some new stuff and would like to get some a cut above Wildcats and Thunderbolts.

Further BTW...my Victor LOVED inexpensive Hansen Std Vel ammo. Is this still made?

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