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.22 WMR competition

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Why is the .22 WMR not part of the BR competition? I understand that it has more velocity than a .22lr but why not have a class of it's own.
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Chum, it is allowed @ 50.
Are you talking about the email matches or regular competition?
Chumby, in the national BR organizations, 22mags are illegal for rimfire competition. I guess the idea is if you are shooting rimfire, shoot standard rimfire, and if you want something faster, shoot centerfire. Besides, there is no match ammo available for 22 WMR, so I would imagine that the mags would have a tough time.

Exqueeeeeze me?

What is the definition of "Match Ammo"?

Reliability? Accuracy?

As far as our RFC "E-Mail Matches" are concerned, I was the one that suggested that the .22WMR be "banned" from competing at less than 50 yds.

It just wasn't a fair contest.
Ski, to be honest with you, I don't really know how 22mags would do with the available ammo in a match, and I have hardly any experience at all with the WMR. But I do know that the difference between match and ordinary .22lr ammo is huge, and I suppose WMR that's available would be like the later. Sure, the WMR has a clear advantage in barrel time and time in flight, but I really don't think that those advantages would be enough to make up for the mediocre ammo (mediocre in a match sense). I don't see WMR shooters dominating in the email matches at 50 yards. Why that is, I don't know, but I figure with all those WMR rifles out there, if they could cut it, we'd be seeing them. Interesting idea, though.
UH oh!

Here we go. :D :D :D
I don't know what the average is but my 52 Winchester will kill my CZ American at 25 yards, and I think the CZ shoots pretty good. They both shoot small groups but the Winchester does a bit better. I don't have much experience with the .22 Mag. I like them because mine has proven to be much more accurate than I had expected with Remington V-max ammo. There is more available ammo now for the .22 Mags so a guy can try different combinations. I bought my first .22 Mag last year because of the great wood on the CZ American and because they was a lot more available ammo than there used to be. Used to be, Remington, CCI, and Winchester, and I think Remington stopped for a while. Years ago the only thing you could find around here was Winchester and maybe some CCI.
Match ammo

Is match ammo like a restrictor plate in nascar? Is there a velocity limit?
No match grade ammo for 22 WMR .......

four letters have to be going through Ski's mind right now ... O .... S .... S .... I

May not say it on the box but it doesn't mean it can do it!
Ski where are ya

I have to put in my .02 on this, better get some coffee.

I think there is match 22 WMR ammo but people don't recognize it. For example I caught some bullets undamaged in a snow bank. Remington 40gr PSP and JHP. They both measure about 15/32 in length. That fits perfectly in the ol' rifling equation for a 1:16 twist. I also retrieved a 50gr fed. It was 9/16 in length more suited to a 1:13 1/2 twist by numbers. Ski pulled a premier and it was .497" and that figures close to a 1:15 twist. I would be interested to know what those Armscore 45 grain measure lengthwise. I guess I'll have to pull a supreme to find out what it is and also a maxi mag. It would also be interesting to note the length of the federal sierras because they have been the most accurate 30 grain round from my 1:15 twist barrel. The weird part of it is how somepeople have great luck with 50-30grain in the same gun.

Anyways with .22lr match ammo I have noticed they come in many odd weights. I would imagine this is to change the length so you can match your barrels liking. All WMR ammo is copper jacketed and precisely shaped in alot of different weights. I would say it is all match ammo. There are many sizes and shapes to choose from.

Well enough rambling for me. Thanks to all who replied.

Had to edit. I went and looked at match ammo at .22 .com and they are all 40gr. Now I'm scratching my head here. .22lr is available in many different weights but all the match ammo is 40gr......... :confused:
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Actually, you are correct. There isn't any "Match" .22WMR ammo.

They're all listed as "General Purpose"

IIRC, the manufacturers of .22LR don't know if a particular run will be "Match" grade until it's tested and than labeled/sold as "Match".

Because there is a market, out there, that makes it worthwhile.

If the .22WMR became much more popular, in competition, maybe they would get graded too.

Right now, it's a matter of finding the right ammo & rifle combination.

OSSI Custom Varmint w/Hornady 35gr V-Max was mentioned a few times.

I have no idea who actually makes them....(Outland Sales & Service Inc. is a distributor not manufacturer) They use CCI brass, although I have been told that someone had found some Winchester brass in their box of ammo.

The box says "Custom Loaded" and the price is double that of the Remington "Premiers".

If I was able to get into "Pro Competition" and could afford them, those would be my choice of "Match" ammo.
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The question of why the WMR is not used in competition is an intersting one. Sure, most governing bodies ban its use, but why? I think Ski is exactly right that there would be match ammo available if the demand were there, but with no sanctioned competitions, the demand will never be there.

Sorry to disappoint you guys looking for a dog fight. Ski and I are too civil for that. Good shooting.
NOW you've gone too far!

NOBODY! Calls me "civil" and gets away with it!


Why isn't there a separate class, for the Magnum in sanctioned competition?

The introduction of accurate/reliable MAAGGNNUUMM ammo and rifles is just fairly recent and it just doesn't enjoy the same popularity as the LR. (not enough of "us", out there.) Cost of ammo is one drawback, practice burns up alot of ammo.

[The following is my own opinion/experiance and not based on independant "sanctioned" competition results]

Why is the Magnum banned from competing with the LR?

Because, even with "Gerneral Purpose" ammo, an "off-the-shelf" SEMI-AUTO rifle and a good shooter.......

It'l whup the LR's butt, everytime! (at the distances that the LR normally compete at)

How many .22LR shooters, routinely, place their targets @100yds? And not feel that they're just throwing lead downrange.

What the .22LR is capable of doing out to 50 yds, the WMR can do out to 100 yds.
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Chief says : Come on Ski =
out with it.
22 magnums " are not" allowed in the competitions for
one reason .>>>>>>>>>>>>---------->

All the judges = " would need spotting scopes".


LR match ammo is most always close to subsonic velocity.

22 MAGNUM = hyper 2200 fps (bout 2x as fast)

I was just trying to be "civil"....."nice"......."un-argumentative".......

alright! I gotta be truthful!

Magnums ain't allowed to compete, because, the WMR just too good!

Same reason the centerfire can't compete with the .22LR.

The .22WMR has more in common with the CF than an LR.


Has my "RFC E-mail" score for 25yds been beaten, yet?

250 - 23X

I know of two others that have beaten that score, with Magnums, but choose not to "admit it".

I've posted pics of "ragged hole" groups @75yds w/cheaper WMR ammo.


The LR is no match against the WMR.

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Checked the .22MR out Very carefully

The cost and the accuracy issues were NEGATIVE. - From what I could learn from Range Reports and trying out several brands of
rifles and ammo myself.
I know it's a rimfire forum, but for .22 at 100 to 150yds Iwent out and bought 2 different .22Hornets and brass,bullets, primers and powder. Tiny groups and I can reload.:D :t
Give .22 WMR its own class!

Ok, I understand why the .22LR people do not want to compete against the .22 WMR -- just give us our own class!!!

BTW, after a lot of research, I selected the .22WMR for my wife and for my rifle (we are both over 60). It really fits a niche!
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