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.22 LR Poof factor Testing. Weekend 1

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Went out today to start a test on .22 LR ammo for small varmints. I am experimenting to see what the different bullet types will do as far as damage, stopping power and accuracy.
The test rifles today were a 10/22 carbine with a millet red dot and a Walther WWII match rifle. CCI standard velocity ammunition was used in the 10/22 and RWS subsonic was used in the walther.
The squirrels shot In the head went down right away with minimal squirming from the subsonic ammo. No head shots were made with the CCI. Shoulder shots proved effective with CCI as well as the Subsonic. However anything behind the front leg proved worthless often resulting in a very agitated squirrel and one happy dog that got to wrestle them.
Damage was scarce from both types of ammo often not exiting and with a small entry hole.
Accuracy was good with the cci and exceptional with the subsonic. A fantastic headshot was taken with the walther using the subsonic at 40 yards resulting in an instant kill and a small crater in the skull.
Conclusion, These two types of ammo are great choices for Meat hunting squirrels where shots can be well placed. If you want ammo where you need to do strict pest control I would look for a more powerfull round. Ill try and update ammo results often. If you have a request for an ammo type let me know.
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Yes, I will move up to hollows and hyper velocitiy rounds. I thought I would start small and move up. Id also like to add a note about the red dot sight. I was hunting in a relitivley dense pine forest. Lots of branches and little light. The Red Dot proved an invaluable tool in Fast target aqusition as well as Keeping track of the fast moving squirrels. Accuracy suffered some, but if you want a pest control optic the red dot is hard to beat in my opinion.
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