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.22 LR in a 22 Mag: NO...! !

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22 LR in a 22 Mag?

My nephew called all excited about his new "22". He was having a lot of trouble with ftf's and some jamming. He also was complaining about split casings. He was using CCI mini mags. Thinking that he knew what he had, I recommended that he try a different brand or at least a different batch of ammo.
Last night he showed it to me and it's a MAG! I said, "See this W.M.R.? Didn't you wonder what that means?"
Anyway, I don't think he did any damage, but he did shoot a couple hundred rounds of LR through it.
Is there anything I should check, or is it ok?
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He is very lucky that he didn't loose his eye sight due to the ruptured .22LR cases....! ! :eek: :(

A firearm chambered for .22 WMR can ONLY fire .22 WMR [and .22 WRF*] cartridges...! ! The .22LR cartridge should NEVER be fired in a .22 WMR chamber....! ! The smaller .22LR case will expand and rupture, releasing hot gases, burning powder, and bits of flying brass....! ! :eek: :(
[ * .22 WRF (Win Rimfire) @ ~ $6.00 / 50 ]

Where do these people come from....? ? :confused: :rolleyes:
[ A rhetorical question.... just muzing.... :rolleyes: ]
BigMike said:
Where do these people come from....? ? :confused: :rolleyes:
Remember, not everyone starts out an expert.:D

Some folks have a life outside of guns (don't know why) and don't always learn the basics like they should.

Luckily he has an uncle willing to set him back on the straight and narrow.:t
It's a bolt.....

Savage model 93. I understand if it was an auto, but with a bolt.....but thanks for the concern BigMike. We went and got the CORRECT ammo this morning, and you're right, the cost difference shocked him.
.22 magnum

This person is extremely lucky to have escaped serious injury.
I think this is a perfect example of the need for proper instruction before new shooters are allowed to use firearms.

Rod. :confused: :confused: :confused:
Yikes! So glad he is ok!

Might be a good idea to check the chamber and barrel for lead/brass/powder deposits, especially at the start of the bore, just at the front of the chamber. Firing a .22LR in a mag may cause a lot of lead splatter or shavings at the start of the bore. Not conducive to good accuracy or safety. This MUST be cleaned out very well, and properly.

Perhaps it might also be a good idea to procure some good basic firearms training for the lad, and maybe a book or two. Also get him into these forums. Wouldn't want his enthusiasmn (or safety) compromised for simple lack of basic knowledge.
BigMike said:
[ A rhetorical question.... just muzing.... :rolleyes: ]
:t :D
Now that he knows the difference, and is shocked at the price of the WMR ammo (a bit spendy for plinking!), it sounds like a good excuse to get himself a .22LR rifle. Maybe a good 10-22? ;)

I'm just wondering ..... where did he get the rifle? One of my big gripes in the past is irresponsible gun dealers. If he bought it from a private party it would be understandable, but if he got it from a dealer ..... :mad:

A dealer needs to take his responsiblity very seriously. Its one reason why I generally suggest that people that are just starting out go to a good dealer rather than say hitting the local Walmart. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with getting a gun from Walmart, but that till becoming experienced that a dealer that has good before/during/after the sale service is a wiser choice.

Dave Z.
An uncle on the other side...

Won this rifle at DU or something like that. Then it was sold unseen as a 22 LR. I guess I don't know how "unseen" it was, but it was sold as a 22. My nephew has been through all the hunter's safety classes and he works at the local trap range. He just did not know there was a difference between 22 lr and 22 WMR. His other uncle had never looked at it closely, and it never crossed my mind when he called that it could even be a 22 mag. And as far as a dealer goes, he did call the local gunshop and described the problem and they told him that it was NORMAL for that rifle to split cases. Then he called me and I told him to change ammo. Then when I saw it last night, I was shocked to see that it was a 22 mag.
I guess the lesson here for me is that a 22 isn't always a 22!
My nephew is really a responsible kid. He works hard on a farm to pay his own way. He just had never seen "WMR" and had been told it was a "22".
Fully understandable with your nephew getting it mixed up. I heard the same story last night involving a Taruas pump rifle. When he called the dealer and the guy said thats not abnormal ......... :mad: I wouldn't trust the guy. Split cases I'm gonna wanna know whats wrong! I'd be telling him to bring me both the ammo and the gun so I can see whats wrong. Simple misunderstanding can ussually be cleared up without problem, but when your talkin firearms ...... (or explosives for that matter :D ) that gets dangerous.
Very easy mistake, to make!

Especially when ya got a 10/22LR and a 10/22WMR at the range with ya, at the same time.

I caught myself loading .22LRs into a Magnum magazine, once or twice.

Never went as far as trying to load the rifle or fire it, tho.

I agree that any "damage" to the rifle would be heavy "fouling" of the chamber and bore.

As far as "expense" goes.......

Winchester came out with what should be a "cheaper" WMR load. "Dyna-Point Magnums". Plated not jacketed and less velocity. Sounds like a good WMR "plinking" round, if you can find them. Save the good stuff for hunting or whatever.
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