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I have seen them done that way. Just remember, you are then losing access to do a full disassembly. I did the full mod, and it was not hard at all. Find your holes, drill and install bushings. It was SIMPLE.
Hey, I know you! (xdtalk!)

He's right, if you glue the grips on you'll lose the opportunity to fully strip the pistol....which means thorough cleaning, upgrades, or replacing parts will be VERY difficult.

I recommend you grind down the frame, install bushings, and set the grips the right way...it truly is a simple modification.

As mentioned, the hogue grips are VERY rigid and would not form well over the factory 'grip.' You'd end up with unsightly gaps.
Grinding the back of the grips might work, rather than grinding the frame, but it'd be more time consuming to get right...and again, if glued, you wouldn't be able to disassemble the pistol

Let's also not forget you would then have grip-screw holes in the grips that were empty (UGLY!).

See my "22/45 mods, my way" thread in this section of the forum for some pictures and tips from when I did this mod.

Do it right, or don't do it at all!
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