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2022 hunting pics - post 'em up!

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No time to spare as far as chasing summer redcoats so the twin Savage .17's were out last night on the prowl.

Only a few minutes in this one appeared behind the chicken wire fence bordering a creek, at very close range and got an A17 in the right eye.

It was a hectic next ten minutes with another three shot not far away, all older pups.

Then this big dog fox weaved his way in to the whistle from about 150m out and realised too late it was a trap!

As he turned to run off I hit him through the chest.

There were other critters out of course - this is an owlet nightjar, which is like a small owl. He got dazzled by my torch and ditched in the grass. So I picked him up and put him out of harms way.

On the other end of the size scale, two emus jumped up out of the grass right in front of me!

Scalping for the $10 bounty was handled by my Mitchell skinner, made by Aussie hunting writer Ted Mitchell Sr.

All foxes shot at were killed and all scalps recovered - 12 for the night and most seen were shot.

Not a bad start to 2022.
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