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2000L any good?

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Does anyone own a Marlin 2000L .22 and can you tell me if it's any good? How accurate is it, what kind of a group can it hold, what is the trigger like and is it adj., that sort of thing.
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I'm also interested in the same gun. I'm getting started in NRA HighPower XTC, and have (quickly) came to the conclusion that I need a *lot* more trigger time especially in Standing, w/ more feedback than just dry-firing. The 2000L (I think that's the model I was looking at; dark grey laminat stock, fitted for match sights, target stock w/ fore end rail, etc.) looks to be in the right price range for me.

Is this model discontinued? I don't see it listed anywere on Marlin's website.

2000L is discontinued

Yes, they did discontinue the 2000L. I was looking at it but got nothing but bad feedback about it. A lot of people told me to get a CZ 452 but I don't like them at all. Also, I don't think you can buy many after market parts for them. (like a good target stock)
Iv pretty much had it with .22's, it seems either you spend $1000 or more, or you get junk! The 10/22 has got so bad I don't even want to shoot one much less own one. The last 5 we had were pure junk, including a "T" & a TNZ (which Ruger took back) Also had a 77/22, don't know how accurate it was though because I never fired it, I counld not find one single amo it would feed and eject! I may just build a 10/22 from scratch, It's about $700 to do so, (not counting a reciever) but at least it will be all good stuff.
I recently acquired one with the BLUE synthetic stock(THAT will change SOON!), but have yet to shoot it. I'm considering putting a Tasco 6-18X42 on it and using it for informal long range(100M+) shooting and squirrel hunting.
I bought a used one several weeks ago ($450) and put a 3-9X on it and have been playing with "benchrest" after placing 10 shots in a 1" circle (Remington target ammo) with the open Williams it came with.

I just found out that it really really really likes Master L but I haven't fed it Midas L yet - afraid of what might happen.

Thus far, it has put 5 shots in .25 hole off of a 2x4 front rest - I really like this gun except for the trigger pull which is not adjustable and nowhere near an Anshutz. I don't know what the pull #'s are but you can feel the creep before the break.

I would say that if you want something to get your heart rate up, this can do it.
$450? Ye-OOOOUCH! I won't tell you what I paid for mine. :) When the laminated version was discontinued, it listed for almost $800. I don't know what the synthetic stocked version(what I have) listed for at the time it was discontinued.
I will be selling my 2000L soon.

email me direct if you want info - paid 450, added 3-9x bushnell and am looking for 400 w/o scope.

[email protected]:(
I recently picked up an older 2000, (blue stock) , with Lyman sights and the factory five shot option ... From inital tests, I'd have to say the rifle shoots accurately enough to be very competitive ... Despite the mixed reviews, I'd give the trigger, infact the overall package, very high marks .. Total travel is abit lengthy, but some can be adjusted out .. Installed is a two stage target trigger ... I am planning to scope mine and shoot 100 yd. BR ! The last suggested retail , 1995, $602.00 + $34.00 for 5-shot mag. conv..
About the 2000 .... Does anyone know the chamber dimentions ?
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