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20" BBL 457 Premium

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Been wanting to see how this looked for a while, so took my Premium stock off the 24" 457 and onto the 20" 457 Australian (that I recently put a Lux stock on)

Stock looks a little long on the 20" rifle to me, but what do you think?

While at it I tried the Lux on the 24". Stock looks short :)
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Keep the Premium stock on the 20" rifle?

  • Yes - Premium on 20"

  • No - put the Lux stock back on

  • Meh - its not a chassis so IDC

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Makes you think they should offer up this combo as an option, right? Kind of like a Royal but with even nicer lines to the stock.
Oddly, the only takeoff/spare stock we can't purchase from the distributor here is the Royal. I tried, and ordered the Lux instead.

Probably a good thing - fairly certain I would have Surform rasped the laser etching off the sides anyway....
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