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2 oz 82G Trigger Shoots Great

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Just want everyone to know that Nemohunter, Cameron, did a supper job on converting my 82G* Custom to a 2 oz trigger. He is also a super guy to do business with. Using my RCBS mechanical scale, which only goes down to 8 oz, my trigger breaks about 1/2 way before the scale begins which is great. Last week I had a chance to try out the 82G and it shot great. I shot one 5 Shot group that measured less than 1/3 of an inch outside/outside which would net out at about .09 which is outstanding for me. Will post some pictures when I get a chance and have more samples.

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i had the same problem of too much trigger pull scale LOL. i ordered a new RCBS that goes in 1 oz increments to do these. dont be surprised if it gets lighter as you use it. mine has and had to be adjusted back up to 2 oz.
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