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2 Model 60 questions.....

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#1 Will the 60 work with sub-sonic ammo?

#2 Has anyone had any luck with the open sights?

510's shoot fine out of my rifle but I was just wondering if the subs would work. I have a scope on the rifle but want to take it off and just use the open sights. I've never even shot it without the scope so I'm curious to find out how it will do. The rifle is a knock around the woods gun so I want to keep it simple.
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Returning to initial point.-

I have a new Marlin 60 SB .22lr and doesn´t cycle with Aguila subsonics.

Which one is the most recomended ammo for a new Marlin 60 (It has a hard cycling action) and enough precision is needed for 165 and 220 yd silhouettes.

I have tried Aguila High Velocity and Interceptors but action gets very dirty after 2 boxes, and with Hypervelocity some "recoil" show up.
Does somebody uses standard?
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