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Returning to initial point.-

I have a new Marlin 60 SB .22lr and doesn´t cycle with Aguila subsonics.

Which one is the most recomended ammo for a new Marlin 60 (It has a hard cycling action) and enough precision is needed for 165 and 220 yd silhouettes.

I have tried Aguila High Velocity and Interceptors but action gets very dirty after 2 boxes, and with Hypervelocity some "recoil" show up.
Does somebody uses standard?
High Velocity -The Winchester 40 Power Points (1280fps) & the Eley White Bunny(discontinued?) shot some of the better 10-15 shot groups in mine. I have a thread (page 2?) with a 50 (actual lasered 54 yards) yard 10 shot group which 7 of 10 went into the .4's . I had a target photo with the white bunny ammo in which about 12 of 15 shots went into one ragged dime sized hole at the same distance.

Sub Sonics & Distance- J.M.O. but.......this whole "b.c. change,drift,veloicty,etc.etc which makes a sub sonic more accurate down range than a high velocity when it crosses the sonic line..........equals out to a couple tenths of an inch at distances beyound say.....75 yards. Your wind judgement skills and the ammo's accuracy will play more than trying to force feed a gun that prefers high velocity into a sub sonic role.

Shoot what it prefers regardless of the label (high end or cheap end)/sticker(Eley or El-Cheap'o)/what you want vs the guns wants........this ain't the Olympics........the comp. is not that high nor cridical.

Maybe I just got a good lot of Winchester Power Points???? I purchased it for Woodchuck hunting (whacked a few now and it worked great) but the stuff shot paper well too.
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