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2 dead starlings

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well, we mowed the grass yesterday, and today there was about 20 starlings in our front yard munching on whatever there is in the grass. This is the first time I saw them this year in large numbers in our yard, so I let them graze for a while. 7 hours later they were still munching on the grass, so I grabbed my .22 and headed out to see if I could bag one.

The first one was a 41 yard shot. Caught it broadside, entrance hole right above one breast, exit hole the size of a half-dollar on the other side of the breast. It blew the wing backwards and left it totally disconnected from any other bones. Shot with CCI mini-mag hollow points and a 4x scope.

The second was the farthest i've shot one to date - 62 yards(gotta love that remington 581). I was having a hard time holding the barrel steady from a prone position, so I took both my shoes off and stacked them on top of eachother to use as a rest. they worked superb. Entrance and exit holes about the same place as the last one, only slighty higher up. Exit wound was the size of a quarter. The wing on the side of the exit wound was completely detached like the previous bird. Shot with CCI mini-mag hollowpoints and a 4x scope.

Been a good day - got my first 2 starlings of the year.