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1970's model 60 questions

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I have been looking around for a 1970's model 60 before I get the cart to far ahead of the horse if needed will I be able to get all the parts especially the feed ramp if needed? also what would be considered a fair price for say a 90% model 60? with only being able to inspect the the bore and chamber it seems hard to know what you are getting into with the older 60's .I am determined to get one of these mid 70's model 60's, any replies or advice would be greatly appreciated ! THANKS
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I have an early '70s 60. I have replaced the feed throat and the buffer. The new feed throat has an additional stud on it which can be ground off to fit. I eventually got the correct feedthroat from Marlin, but it took a couple of tries and in hind-sight wasn't necessary. At least now I have a spare. The feed throat is a problem with this vintage because it was pot metal and after thousands and thousands of rounds it wears a grove and won't function properly. If you're taking the lower assembly apart, you might as well replace the springs and buffer too. Take photos of everything, be careful where the wires go, and don't loose the springs. Good luck

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I would say that around $100 give or take $20 would be a fair price, depending on where you live exactly. My philosophy is to always assume that there is something wrong with a used gun and try to get it for less, because quite often there is something wrong.

Check the following:
--overall condition - stock finish, blueing
--barrel - loose or bent, good crown
--receiver - has it ever been cleaned, check the ejector wire, any cracks especially around ejection port
--sights - all there
--takedown screws - condition, any missing screws
--stock - cracks, buttplate condition, deep gouges or dents
--inner and outer mag tubes - dents, follower, spring

If it looks like a dog, it probably hasn't been taken care of, but if you can get it really cheap (say $50-60) it might be a fun project to work on. At the least, it could be a parts gun for a second gun.

Lot's of places to find model 60 parts -- Numrich, Brownells, Midway, ebay, et al
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