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1911 Grips on a 22/45 - Install and pics

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Lots more here:


Let me know what you think, and please let me know of any errors or corrections.

John Davies
Spokane WA
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I like your grip modification reference page. I linked to it in a recent discussion thread about upgrading to 1911 grips on my discussion forum.

I like that you used a red shop towel as the background for your pistol. The red really brings out the details of the blued pistol.

Since a 22/45 Mark II frame is thicker than a 22/45 Mark III frame, your modified frame ended up wider than a traditional 1911. If it had been a Mark III 22/45 frame, then the overall width would have been much closer to an actual 1911. Commenting on using slim profile grips for the Mark II 22/45 frame was a useful suggestion. Overall, a very nice job!




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I've used Pachmars on mine for quite a while..

30 years on the Colt..
14 years on the Mk-II 512..
Probebly within a month of when I got it..:D
They both do balance quite alot alike..:bthumb:
Good Choice!
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