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1907 or 1903

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Want to buy either the 1907 or 1903 but no one has one in stock in my area to look at. Just want to get an opinion on whether the 1907 is worth double the price of the 1903? I'm leaning on purchasing the 1907 but just wondering if the 1903 has the same smooth action and trigger pull as the 1907. Thanks.
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Mazzie: the 1907 is worth twice the price of the 1903. The 1907 has the 54 and the 1903 has the 64 action. I have a 1907 that I bought early last summer. I got it particularly because I thought it would match ans 2002 air rifle well and it does. I will also have a 1903 soon from parts. I have an older 64 and I recently found a new in box 1903 stock. I also have the current model 1903 trigger on order. The 1903 is really intended as a youth target rifle and that is what I intend to use it for. My daughter is shooting a fwb p70jr and I want a smallbore rifle that will be similar.
thank, PDEAL

I'm going to get the 1907. I thought the 1903 was for the youth and the 1907 was for adult. I'm going to order this week. There are different stock configuration for the 1907 and I narrowed it down to the walnut w/ either the rubber butt plate or on w/ an aluminum butt plate. Would you recommend the alum. over the rubber. It's about $100 more for the aluminum.
Mazzie: I wound up with the one with the alu butt plate and this is what I would recommend. The configuration you are considering is exactly what I got and am very happy with it. The only part of it I am not totally satisfied with it is in prone shooting. I can't get the butt plate to slide up quite enough. I have not shot it much in prone yet though so the jury is still out on it. I also have an 1813 free rifle and I really prefer the 1907. The weight is much more tolerable and the stock feels great to me in offhand.
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