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1897 Cowboy/Texan 22LR How many made?

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I've owned a 1897 Cowboy 22LR and a 1897 Texan 22LR for over 15 years and I am curious, is it known how many 1897 Cowboy 22 LR and 1897 Texan 22LR were manufactured? I've already searched the forum and Google for a couple hours.

1897 Cowboy 22LR were manufactured 1999-2001. 24" full octagon barrel straight stock.
1897 Texan 22LR were manufactured 2002-2003. 20" full octagon barrel straight stock.
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I have the Cowboy model and would also be curious. I picked it up at NIB at a Gun show in 2003. I figured it would be worth more than I paid for it down the road.
would be interesting to know - have always wanted one of those [either would do] they are fantastic examples of a 'old western' rifle
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