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Sportsman Doug said:
The only 2 rifles I have that I use for varmints are my 22 mag and my 30-06. I am currently thinking about handloading 110 gr V-Max, 125 gr TNT or 125 gr Ballistic tip ammo for my 30-06 for coyotes. Not sure yet what I'll do. I'm kinda sceptical about the accuracy of the 125 gr and 110 gr bullets due to limited bearing surface. Anyone have experience with these bullets in 30-06?
You are right, the little 30 cal bullets won't stabalize. You'll never get a good pattern in any 30-06 with 110 grain. Even the 125's are marginal.

Remeber the Accelerator bullets from remington. It has a 22 cal with a sabot chambered for 30-06. This might be the ticket, can't hurt to try but not great accuracy in some rifles either.
Have you put any thought into a .243 rem.?

You can push light 55 grain bullets to 4000 feet/sec for prairie dogs and coyotes. Plenty of lethality there, or get a 90-100 grain for deer hunting.
Just a suggestion. I built a custom .243 rem under $300. Ask me how. :t :t
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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