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.17 HMR & Groundhogs

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Has anybody had a chance to shoot groundhogs (woodchucks) with a 17 hummer?  Is it big enough to do the job at 100 yd.?  150 yd.?
Ive got one on order and want to know what I can shoot with it besides tiny little groups.
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 I ran a post in open rimfire,
Chief Dave said, he had shot
some muskrats,biggest thing I
have heard of beening taken with
17 HMR.
 I have a barrel on order also,
hope to use it on hogs and crows.
They say it doesnt make a lot
on noise,just what I need close
in around houses.People just
dont like the muzzle blast of
.223s & 22/250s.

Goodluck & Goodshootin.
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I stopped by my favorite gunshop today and the owner told me that Steve Hornaday said the Hummer was good for groundhogs to 125 yards :D!  He developed it; he should know. Uh...he wouldnt exagerate, would he? ???
CheckSix & Plinker,
I recently (last couple of weeks) saw a report from some guy on a site (Coyote Hunter or Varmint Hunter or somesuch - dont think it was RFC though), where he "tested" his hummer on some coyotes.
He was up front about the results, which were pretty much as youd expect - no problems with the accurracy, but the round is too light to make much of an impression on game this size at anything over 50yards.

Still it was a good story & he was pretty thorough about it.

If youre interested Ill try and find that acticle for you.
 I think the article is some
where ,maybe open rimfire,Ive
read it.
Plan on useing mine on crows &
hogs.But Im sure its going to
be a close in gun on hogs.
Dont make a lot of noise,thats
what I want.

Goodluck & Goodshootin.
Chief says :  
  I pulled off a decent shot , yersterday on MR. Yote.
 Seems he was lured to the edge of a rearby stream

 by something. Range 150 yds , gun 17HMR .
 SCORE = 1 shot chest area (broadside)  

 results = LIGHTS OUT  -in tracks.

 PRECISION shot placement is the key in any rifle , especially with the light weight 17 gr , 17HMR.
Nice shootin Chief,

Any reports back from the "lab" on the shot results!!!

(rib?....no rib?.....Both lungs....one lung?.....heart..etc)

To others....I may sound a little graphic....but of all of the deer Ive shot thru both lungs with a razor sharp broadhead....only two had made it past 70 yards.....most dropped within sight and within 7 seconds.....thats....one thousand one.....one thousand two....etc.)
 Have been seening a few hogs
out during turkey season.
 Parts comeing in slowly for
my 17HMR wont be long I hope
to be able to post some first
hand reports on the 17 & hogs.
 Hmmmm I can hardly wait!!!!

Goodluck & Goodshootin.
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