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Sorry if this has already been asked before...

I haven't seen an actual chart of how flat the 17 shoots. If I sight in dead on at 50 yds., what will the impact be at 25, 75, 100, etc.? I intend to use mine mostly for squirrels, and I 'm sure lots of shots will be under 50 yds. Will I have to aim high or low at 25, etc?

Does anybody have an actual chart worked out? I thought there would be one on Hornady's page, but no dice. Thanks for any info.

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Ballistic calculations here.

I ran the numbers for a muzzle velocity of 2550, 2600, and 2650 fps and posted the drop numbers every 25 yards out to 400 yards. If I post the numbers here, the formatting won't be correct. The info is here: http://www.varmintal.net/17hmr.htm
The zero is at 100 yards, not 50 yards.

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This is my field test chart. The range is home made with small elevation changes between targets but basically flat. Same spot we use for 500 yard big bore range.

I am using these numbers until I collect more data in the next weeks. It does differ from the ballistics software so I will keep testing to see what I can learn.

Yards........Impact Point

0 ............-1.625
25 .......... -0.625
50 ...........-0.125
75............. 0
100 ..........-0.5

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....Edited to add..........

Al's charts are good. Looks like close to 2600 FPS data I got but the 24" barrel should not get that).
(He types faster than I also.)

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You guys are way more qualified then I am to talk about this, but I shoot the Savage 93R17 and I found that if I zero at 50 yds it is dead on at 100 yds.

I have no idea what changes to expect with other barrel lengths/guns.


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Last fall, before I came across any ballistic charts, I too did a field test with a 1717HB. My results are somewhat similar to Gillie Dog's.

10yds = -1.125
20yds = -.875
30yds = -.625
40yds = -.375
50yds = 0.0
60yds = .1875
70yds = .375
80yds = .4375
90yds = .625
100yds= .375
110yds= 0.0
120yds= -.5
130yds= -1.0
140yds= -1.75
150yds= -2.5
160yds= -3.25
170yds= -4.0
180yds= -4.75
190yds= -5.75
200yds= -6.75

I'm fairly confident of the drops out to 110 yds, but from that point on the drops are based only on a single grouping of three at each 10yd increment.

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