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.17 Aguila: 2550 fps with an 18-gr polytip bullet!

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Ski posted a picture of a box of preproduction .17 Aguila ammo over on the .17 Rifles board. The .17 Aguila is simply a .22LR necked down to .172 cal, for those of you unfamiliar with it. Anyways, the box says 2550 fps with an 18-gr bullet! That is slightly better than the .17 HMR but from a smaller case! I have no idea how they did it, or if the round will live up to those ballistics when released, but if thats for real it should give the .17 HMR a run for it's money. Imagine all the .22LR guns out there right now that could simply be rebarrelled (esp. 10/22's and 77/22's).
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Thank You!

ALL of you "in-the-know" were very gracious in "playing along" by not asking questions that could not be answered.

It seems that 99.99% of "us" enjoyed the prank.

Antlurz still hasn't popped his head up, yet, to take his bows.

I think he's still waiting for the "fallout" to dissipate.

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