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Chum the .17 aguila was pre- introduced if that's believable a couple years ago. With sample ammo and everything. It's just never rolled off the assembly line. Vq, CPC, and most all of the manufactures that wanted ammo samples got them. It's serious to note that ski pumped the specs up up up and away on his little prank post. At best I believe agauila can get 1450fps out of their little 17 without problems, so what the bloody heck is the point(Aguila notoriously over-pumps the specs on their other offerings.) The 17HRM is here and the .17ag isn't; likely never be released, they missed the market mood and the boat. If they do by some chance get a .17LR out soon it's as good as DOA.

Oh by my calculation the 22LR case would make a great little propellent for a BB, I'm actually going to try this sooner or later, now a BB might make 2550...
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