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Collectors Vs. Shooters

Aren't you being the 180 degree position opposite of what you accused BigLoop of being. You are entitled to do and believe what you want about your gun and purchases, but isn't everyone else entitled to do the same? The old Hi Standards were quality guns made in finite quantities and they are not going to make anymore. If everyone took the "anti safe queen" shootum philosophy then it would be only a short time before there were no originals left. It's my money and if I choose to ignore the modified guns and concentrate on preserving originals for future generations then it's my business alone. There is also a side reason to keep a gun mint that you probably don't have the opportunity to enjoy, and that is quantity. Unlike California, most of us have the opportunity to acquire as many as we can afford. I have learned that I can only be profficient in a limited number of guns. Therefore I have selected the 5 or 6 that interests me most and the rest are "safe queens". The object of collecting is to amass a group of unique objects that few have. Stamps and coins just don't cut it as I collect both as well as artwork. Believe me, guns are much more interesting.

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