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100 yard performance 452 .22WMR

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Hi guys, Can anyone tell me how the 452 .22WMR performs at 100yards? I am considering purchasing one of these rifles. Or do I need to go for the .17 to get tight groups at 100 yards?


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I own the 452 Lux in 22WMR. Probably only shot like a 120 rounds or less. But with a 12X Burris I fired 4 consecutive 5 shot groups at 100 yards using CCI Maxi-Mag solid points and managed a .875" average. So , at least with the Maxi-Mags, mine does fairly well considering the creepy trigger. If I could find another photo site to host pictures for free I would post pics of the targets.

On the other hand I know of one member here with a 452 22WMR who said the best he could get with any type of ammo was 2" @ 100yds. He was talking about performing bedding work on his.
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