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100 Yard Iron Sight shoot for February 2022

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Stay warm everyone!!!

All 50 yard Iron Sight Match rules apply.

Ten shots per target, 2 targets submitted for a possible total score of 200-20X.

4.11 100 Yard Target. A-25 - 3 bullseyes.

X ring............... 1 inch
10 ring............... 2 inches
9 ring............... 4 inches
8 ring............... 6 inches
7 ring ............... 8 inches
6 ring ............... 10 inches
5 ring ............... 12 inches


any single bull target with the exact same dimensions.

Visi shot or Tru glo targets are acceptable for sighters but not for scoring targets as the bullet impact erases the scoring ring should shots need plugged.

[Note to shooters of single bull targets]
Please shoot only two targets for score in any one session. No cherry picking.

Benchrest match or any position you would care to use.

Any Rifle/Any ammo that falls within the rules.

Pictures of targets is recommended but not required.
Pictures of Rifle and setup is optional.

Two entry's per month per rifle limit.

Please use info/scoring block so I can copy and paste end of months scores.

Your name or screen name
Rifle, ammo, score
Equipment list (rest front/rear, any thing special about your setup)
Weather/or shot indoors
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Anschutz 1600
Centra Rear/Anschutz front
Lapua Centerx
Left to right 1-6 mph 52 deg.

48 4x 50 8x 198 12x
H&R model 12
Redfield Olimpic front & rear
Eley Match
sand front & rear
4-7 mph left to right

48 4x 48 4x 196 8x
Thanks for joining in Buckie. Respectable scores for this time of year.:bthumb:
I really enjoy this game. The irons are as accurate as my 75 year old eyes are. Do I understand that we can run a diopter on front. Will have to try that.
Anschutz 1600
Centra rear/Anschutz front
Bipod front sand rear
Eley Target

199 11X
Suhl sights front & rear
Wolf Match Extra
Cold 2/4 mph crosswind

99 3X 100 6X 199 9X
Suhl sights front/rear
Bipod front sand rear
Wolf Match Extra

198 8x
H&R model 12
Redfield sights
bipod front sand rear
38 deg. right to left 0-2 mph
Eley Match Black box

100 5X 100 5X 200 10X
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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