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100 Yard Iron Sight shoot for Decemberrr 2021

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All 50 yard Iron Sight Match rules apply.

Ten shots per target, 2 targets submitted for a possible total score of 200-20X.

4.11 100 Yard Target. A-25 - 3 bullseyes.

X ring............... 1 inch
10 ring............... 2 inches
9 ring............... 4 inches
8 ring............... 6 inches
7 ring ............... 8 inches
6 ring ............... 10 inches
5 ring ............... 12 inches


any single bull target with the exact same dimensions.

Visi shot or Tru glo targets are acceptable for sighters but not for scoring targets as the bullet impact erases the scoring ring should shots need plugged.

[Note to shooters of single bull targets]
Please shoot only two targets for score in any one session. No cherry picking.

Benchrest match or any position you would care to use.

Any Rifle/Any ammo that falls within the rules.

Pictures of targets is recommended but not required.
Pictures of Rifle and setup is optional.

Two entry's per month per rifle limit.

Please use info/scoring block so I can copy and paste end of months scores.

Your name or screen name
Rifle, ammo, score
Equipment list (rest front/rear, any thing special about your setup)
Weather/or shot indoors
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November results

Thanks for joining in!

Anschutz 64 mpr, RWS R100, 200-12x
McRee chassis, front bipod, rear sandbag
65 and sunny, light breeze from the back/right

Anschutz 64 mpr, RWS R50, 199-11x
McRee chassis, front bipod, rear sandbag
Mid 40's, partly cloudy, light shifting breeze from the back

191 - 2x
Stephen Bachiler
CZ 457 Jaguar
Caldwell Rock/Protektor Standard
RWS Target Rifle
52° Cloudy, wind 3-5 gusting 9mph from 45°
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Got out this past Friday, weather prediction looked decent, but it was a little colder and windier than I hoped so I only stayed for an hour or so. Shot one set at 100 and then one set at 50. These will probably be the only entries for this month.

Anschutz 64 mpr, SK Long Range Match, 197-6x
McRee chassis, front bipod, rear sandbag
45, overcast, 5-10 shifting wind from left front

99-3x, 98-3x
Combined image of 20 shots from the scoring app

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Good job Ken!:bthumb: My ammo doesn't do so good in those temps.
I’ve had the SK Long Range Match ammo for a while and finally gave it a chance. It seemed ok, not great, I’ll give it another chance on a warmer and calmer day.
Got one more round in at 100 today, before the damp breeze chased me home. I realized it's hard to sit tight and wait for the breeze to calm when you're getting a chill. I get impatient and take the shot earlier than I should. Did improve my score a little bit for the month with the lighter wind and I think switching to Eley Match.

Anschutz 64 mpr, Eley Match, 197-8x
McRee chassis, front bipod, rear sandbag
48, heavy overcast, light breeze from left front

99-5x, 98-3x
Combined image of 20 shots from the scoring app

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