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100 meter accuracy test

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I'm new to the Rimefirecentral forum, but thought I would share the results of yesterday's range session.

As a Metallic Silhouette shooter, I am always on the search for better ammo. The rifle used was a custom Remington model 540-XR topped off with an 18x target scope. All shooting was done off a bench using sand bags. The distance was 100 meters (110 yards) with a slight cross wind. I shot several 10 shot groups of each ammo with the results averaging:

Win. Super X Power Point with 40 gr. HP bullet = 1 1/4 inches

Aquila Match Pistol with 40 gr. solid bullet = 1 1/4 inches

Win Super X with 37 gr. HP bullet = 2 5/8 inches

I've always had good success with Winchester Power Points. If anybody could suggest other ammo to try at long range, I'll gladly give it a try. Thanks.
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my favorite Silhouette load is Winchester's Dynapoints, available at K-Mart, $13.00 for 500rnd bulk pak. Not much else comes close for the price. You may also like Wolf Match Target, it shoots match accurate but costs me a bit more.
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Mark, my 100 yard testing was limited to a few 5 shot groups out at Benchrest in Wright City a couple of weeks ago. I was using Lapua Midal L in my 64 MPR. Light headwinds and fairly sunny. The first group was perhaps an inch, then I started paying a lot more attention to my windflags. The second group was absolutely verticle, 4 of the shots actually cut a slot in the target with the 5th shot down 1/4" and slightly off to the left. I'm convinced it was all wind induced and that they would have been a knot in still conditions.

The rifle was wearing a Burris Signature 4x16, at 16 power.

Wolf MT would surely have given almost as tight of a group, at least I hope so because that's going to be my practice ammo at 200 yards prone. :)
Like phil in alabama sez'....I'd also love to make 'em all 1.25" groups at 110 yards!!
It has been my experience that standard velocity groups better at 100 yards.
For whatever it is worth, these all group under 1 1/2 inches at 100 yards in my Anschutz 64 MPR (using a rest and a Leupold VariX III 6.5x20-40 AO @ 20x). I hoping to get a group like Swede65 one of these days.

Lapua Midas M
Lapua Master L
Eley Ultimate EPS 10X
CCI Greentag
Lapua Signum
Wolf Match Target
Wolf Match Extra
Lapua Midas L

... Retiree
Has anyone tried CCI Sub-Sonic Hollow Points. I get about 2" at 100 yards with them. Or CCI Standard Velocity, these do about 1 1/2 " at 100 yards in my CZ Ultra Lux.
100 yd/m ammo

I was out fooling around at 100 yards the other day with some RWS R50 and Federal UM1. My rifle takes about ten rounds to settle down when switching ammo and I let a friend try a few shots with each kind so only had three ten round groups to compare. The RWS R50 averaged 1.362" and the Ultramatch Averaged 1.409". RWS R50 is good stuff, it's curious you don't see it mentioned more often.
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