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10/22 Trigger Recommend

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I have a stock 10/22 Carbine in .22 LR and am looking for a recommend on a drop in trigger assembly, if there is one.

The factory trigger isn't very good and I would like to improve on it if I can.

Just looking for a reasonably priced one I can drop in easy enough without screwing it up, which is fairly easy for me. :)

Thanks guys!

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go with the VQ target hammer, it's simple to put in the trigger group you have now, and real cheap (35 bucks or so). They are available from our sponsors here on the forum. It will significantly reduce the trigger pull that you have now.
I purchased two Speedlock Hammers (because the 1st one worked so well) which is also a drop in part for $29.95 at www.Hawktecharms.com (also one of our sponsers).
I have been very pleased with it & my friends like it so much they are buying one too. I've have been tring to get a comparason on this forum between the Volquartsen & Speedlock hammers but no one has done it yet. I've have read on the forum that the Volquartsen hammer has gritty, jumpy, unpredictable pre-travel. This can be resolved by the JB Weld trick & the pen spring trick.

I have not shot a Volquartsen hammer. There is losts of praise of the Volquartsen hammer, but it seems you have to do other things to make it sweet.

I have not noticed any gritty or pre-travel with the speedlock.
Another plug, the speedlock was developed by 8-Time National High Power Champion, David Tubb.

I agree with Stratcat. Get the VQ hammer. If you make one modification only this should be the one.

On second thought I don't think its possible to stop at ONE mod.


Just wanted to say thanks for the responses to my question!

Exactly the info I needed.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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