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10/22 Slick up

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Man, I can't believe how many posts I see about the 10/22 jamming. I own a stainless model now, and have owned others over time. I can honestly say that the only rounds I ever had trouble with were "subsonics". But there again, the first thing I do when I get mine new is polish everything.
I take it apart and polish the bolt very good. I do this with Iosso Gun brite or Flitz on a dremel with a felt polisher turned up to about 15000 rpm. I have found on the bolt that sometimes the roll pin is not ground enough and is not flush with the bolt itself. This would create a slight bind on the action. So I use a stone on this area and make it flush with the bolt. Then it is time to move on to the receiver itself. I polish that by hand with Iosso or Flitz. If it looks rough enough in goes the dremel for that job too, but at a lower RPM(7500 or so). I usually spend a lot of time at the breech face area making sure that area is VERY slick so the rounds will just flow. I don't polish the extractor at all. As far as the trigger group goes I've never had much luck with one, and can't reduce the pull, but I can get it to a smoother consistency. I've never polished one too much using the above methods(in other words, never worn it out). Another thing too is polishing the chamber mouth and barrel face. That gets a nice polishing too. And another thing worth doing is the old JB Bore Cleaner and the JB Bore Brite treatment followed with Kroil. I take the barrel off and do all that. When I am finished doing that I put Militec-1 on the bolt and all receiver parts. The trick with Militec-1 is to heat the metal with something like a hair dryer, either before application or after. This starts the chemical process that bonds it to the metal. Before you guys go all crazy on me, I don't get paid anything or get a kick-back from speaking of Militec-1. I just know it works for me. I use it in my truck too, and increased gas mileage from 20mpg to 23mpg. The stuff works. And has served me well with all my other firearms as well.
I hope this helps some of the people with problems, maybe someone else has already said this before. But throwing it in nonetheless.
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good stuff

ppcrusa...great minds must think alike cause ive done basically the same thing on my ruger 22/45. Im currently performing this work on my friends 10-22, in return for "borrowing" it ( I dont mind, its fun and im prepping for my 10-22...after im out of school)
Polishing is one of the best improvments that can be done to most guns in my opinion. Ive even done the firing pin to reduce friction there.
As for Militec-its GREAT stuff. It cuts cleaning in half. I actualy coated the reciever...than put it in the oven at 175 degrees for 20 minutes. I than took it out (careful hot) and rubbed in another coat, this was put back in the oven and allowed to cool. Multiple coats in the bore over time have made cleaning a breeze. it displaces moisture and inhibits rust, even if its wiped dry, which is what I like. I would love to put the stuff in my Honda, but I cant afford it at the moment. I will someday soon.

wow I just did an infomercial.

p.s.-did you polish your recoil spring assembly? I think that would make a huge difference.
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