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Submitted By: Indy

To view the cause of pre-travel, disassemble your action and assemble the trigger, disconnector, and sear as shown below on the outside of your trigger. It is very easy to do. Make sure you put the disconnector spring in and slide in the pins.

Before you can see the pre-travel, you must make sure that the sear and disconnector are engaged. To do this, hold the sear (A) by the foot and push down on the disconnector (B). Then push the trigger (C) forward, from the back of the trigger, until you hear it click and the sear is seated as in the illustration above.

Still holding on to the sear (A), push the trigger (C) forward and let go. If you do this repeatedly, not only will you feel the pre-travel but you should see it as well.

You should be able to see the cause of the pre-travel by looking in the areas indicated by the red arrows above.

This Is What I Did To Eliminate The Slop

Studying the dilemma and trying to come up with an easy fix had just about seemed impossible until I remembered a product that I had used several times over the years with excellent results. That product being J-B Weld.

J-B Weld is a two part paste that you mix equal parts and apply like epoxy. Once thoroughly cured, J-B Weld can be machined, drilled, etc. It can be purchased at just about every hardware, home improvement, or automotive store for less than $5.00.

I thoroughly cleaned the sear with Gun Scrubber and lightly sanded the area of the sear that was going to receive the J-B Weld. To ensure bond, clean with acetone or some other type solvent and allow to dry.

I mixed up a small batch of J-B Weld and made a small mound slightly higher than what was required just behind the hole for the spring. I allowed the J-B Weld to cure for at least 24 hours.

The next night I lightly filed the J-B Weld. By assembling the sear and disconnector on the outside of the trigger I could stop and check my fit. I did this just a few times and when I was finished the sear would snap back in to the disconnector without any noticeable slop present.

When I was happy with the fit, I reassembled the rifle and found that all of my pre-travel was gone. If anything, just a few thousandths of an inch due to the pins. This was the result that I had been looking for!

The J-B Weld should last for years since the disconnector doesn't really pose any real pressure or wear on the area. The lip on the disconnector that catches the sear should wear out first.

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