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Simmons WTC18 Rings & Base


I have a Simmons WTC18 [ 6.5-20X 50mm AO ] mounted on my 10/22 using the following:

0 Weaver TO-9 Base
0 Weaver Extra High 1" Detachable Top Mount [DTM] Rings

This combo will give you ~ 3/16" clearance over the standard sporter barrel, or a .920" bull barrel, with the WTC18's 63mm OD AO bell.......! ! :t :t

Hope this helps....... ;)



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Big Mike is, as usual, 100% correct. That combination will work fine - I have used it myself on a 10/22 with bull barrel - and is a very economical solution. One caveat: the "granite" finish on a WTC18 is very fragile and anything but Burris Signature Zee rings will in fact mark it up. If that is not a consideration and you don't need to "tilt" the scope ( 100 yard shooting with subsonic ammo ) , Big Mike's solution is A-1. A (IMHO) better - but considerably more expensive - rig can be done with a Power Custom mount and Signature Zee rings in "High".
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