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Went out shooting PDs with my 10/22 DSP this morning. The rifle has a Power Custom hammer and sear, mounts a 3-9X AO Bushnell airgun scope attached with Leupold rings and mounts, factory DSP stock and factory barrel.

Most kills were at 25 to 75 yards with the longest at 125 yards. The scope was dialed in for 50 yards and aiming for the head dusted most PDs at the closer distances with one shot. Beyond 100 yards had to walk the rounds in on the dogs - usually two to three shots. Lost count of the total number after ten had bit the dust, but my buddy and I probably accounted for about 50-60 PDs in about four hours shooting (we only shot up one PD town).

Interesting to note that CCI Velocitors made great long distance rounds. The Velocitors hit with great authority at ranges over 100 yards - you could hear the "wack" even at those distances. Remington Vipers weren't as good at distance, but lethal at anything under 50 yards with the same authoritive "wack". CCI SGB bullets were effective at 50 yards or less, but dropped so much at distance that walking them in was an exercise in patience.

Haven't had this much fun in ages and plan on going out again in a couple of weeks. Next time I'll take the Savage 93R17 for the longer shots and keep the 10/22 for anything under 75 yards.
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