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10-22 "must upgrade" parts from the start?

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I want to know what you all consider to be the "must upgrade" parts for the 10-22. I just bought another 10-22 and I'm trying to remember all the parts I've swapped on my first one.

For me the parts I consider a must change are:
VQ bolt hold open
VQ extractor

What about you guys? What do you already know you're going to replace when you buy a 10-22?
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TRIGGER!!!!!!!!!! Fix the crappy trigger. You don't have to spend more than the rifle on a replacement trigger group but you do need to do something.
I would personally only mess with the extractor if you have feed problems but their cheap so do what you like.
I would replace the metal bolt buffer too. Its a cheap upgrade that, if nothing else, mutes that annoying metal on metal clack when you touch of a round.
Autobolt release is nice too and you can do that yourself with a dremel or round file. there are instructions on how to on this site.

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trigger, extended mag release, bolt hold open.

Do the bolt hold open mod yourself.

Extended mag release is a no brainer (at least for me)

Brimstone Trigger Tier 3, unless you already know that you want to go whole hog on something much more expensive

These three will cost you no more than about $60 altogether, but will make your new 10/22 so much more enjoyable.

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Everything...just buy a KID :D:bthumb:

No really...10/tweekie2's were built to tear apart and start over ;)

Depends on what ya want in the end.

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If you have no creep or grit in your trigger you can just add a VQ hammer, if not get a trigger job or do it yourself. Add auto bolt release. Several companies make one or do it yourself. I bought my first one and made my second. Extended mag release if yours didn't come with one. Then just go wild and do whatever you think you might like. Have fun!

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Of coarse all things depend on intended use and it just depends on how far you want to go on barrels, stocks and bolts. I'm fine with the factory flush mag release, never had an issue with the factory extractor and the auto bolt release, while kinda nice, is far from a requirement. If it's free I'll take it but you won't catch me driving to town and buying a file to do the mod.

In order of appearence:
Scope. I don't consider it an upgrade but instead a bolt on accessory and required equipment.
Sling (same as for scope)
Trigger, I use VQ hammer.

Any thing else is just gravy.


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Technically, I think: clean it and shoot, because the 10/22 works fine and fun all oem.

However, the bare minimum in terms of effort and expense, but with a tangible effect(s) are, IMO:

--Bolt Release mod, on home bench.
--Polish trigger group internals
--Polish receiver interior

Those help the firearm operate more smoothly and easily for the shooter.

After that, I'd add:

--bolt buffer, just to de-clank
--polished or aftermarked charging handle/rod, for smoothness and for better grip.
--upgraded sights, to either Williams Fire, their Fire Peep or on upward.

To me, those are the "must do" as opposed to the "oughta do to every one". Upgrades like an optimized bolt, real trigger work, stocks, etc... all in the bonus round, to me. I've done various levels of the bonus round, but have a 10/22 and friends with 10/22's that have/want only the very bare minimum of deviation from "out of the box".
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