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10/22 Magazine Pouches.

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Some time back, there was a thread discussing different ways to carry additional 10/22 mags with you when going "afield", rather than just to the range. I thought that any type of pouch affair would have to hold each magazine seperatly so that you could keep loaded and empty mags seperate. It had to allow you to draw the magazine one handed, had to hold it securely so it wouldn't be lost while roaming the fields, woods, hills,etc. And it has to provide at least some protection from dust, dirt, debris, etc. Here are two Ideas I came up with. I purchased both of these at Wallmart. The total cost was around $11.00 and some time. The first is a butstock elastic rifle cartridge holder. It was originally designed to hold 9 rifle cartridges. (Be patient this is going to take several posts since I can't figure out how to post multiple pictures on one.)
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10/22 mag adnd 10/22 lr magazine carriers.

A reproduction GI web belt can hold 9 cardboard boxes of 50 rounds each of ammo also placed in individual sealable baggies. You then have room for an extra magazine in the 10th pouch. Two belts conjoined together (a fancy term for snapping together) make up an over-the shoulder bandoleer.

Any surplus or new military ammo pouch with alice or malice clips are also usable.

I also use marked price tags with strings and attach them to the mag carriers to remind me what type of ammo/pistol or rifle with which the contents are associated .

Have also done this for the various DCM rifle purchases.
other than what plainsman said, has there been any other way to hold the 10rnd banana style clips? I have like 10 of them and they almost fit in my M16 pouch, but maybe its shrunk over the years cause it just wont go in...
anyone look at the new cabelas shooting catalog?, they have to/22 mag carriers for sale in leather and cordura nylon, looks just like a speedloader case to me:rolleyes:

GT: That's exactly what I thought...

When I saw the 2004 Shooting Catalog too! I wonder where they got that idea from!?!:rolleyes:


I have been using dual speed-loader pouches for my 10/22 magazines for over 25 years now...........! ! :t :t

I think they were the size for the "S&W" N Frames in .45 Colt, .44 Mag, etc. ....! ! :cool:

Some things are just slow to 'catch-on'........ :eek: :(

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Good idea. I'm gonna have to pick me up one of them speed loader carryers. :t
How about any thing I can use to carry my 25rd mags? Like something for my belt?
After reading thru the posts, I dug through my old IPSC stuff, and came up with an UNCLE MIKE'S nylon double speed loader pouch for 357 Magnum. The magazines fit perfectly, end up, like Hutt said. :t No problem, just press the bottom of the pouch with a finger and it lifts the magazine to proper grasping height. 44/45 caliber speedloader pouches would be more roomy, probably eliminating the need for the bottom lift. :) :) Thanks for a great suggestion !!
SureShot said:
Good idea. I'm gonna have to pick me up one of them speed loader carryers. :t
How about any thing I can use to carry my 25rd mags? Like something for my belt?
Sureshot and others:
Here's my Hot Lips belt! It's great if you don't mind that MAN ON A MISSION look! :D
It accommodates 6 - 25 rounders comfortably. Only 2 showing here!

It's made from a ammo belt with a few mods. CHEAP!
I also use a fishin' bag ...room for my loader a couple extra hi caps and a half a brick or so of ammo.Wrapped in velcro for your protection!
Self contained shooting! ;) :t

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I have several magazine pouches for the Mosin-Nagant sniper rifles I have. They have two compartments and each one holds 4 Ruger 10/22 magazines. It's almost as if they were made for them. You can buy them from several locations handling military weapons and accesories. Norm
Here we go . . .

Get the Garand reproduction web belts for about $15, Sportsman's Guide.

Link two together.

Most .22 lr and .22 win mag cardboard boxes will fit into a snack baggie and into the pocket. 1000 rounds in two linked web belts.


You can wrap a Marlin clip, a Ruger 10/22 .22 lr or Ruger 10/22 .22 win mag magazine and put in a pocket. In fact, you can do this with various bolt action rifle clips as well.

Now you start thinking outside of the box. You carry a locked 50 cal or tall 60 cal can in the car with the garand web belts folded and inserted. Now you have a protected supply of ammo.
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The HKS Speedloader pouch "586" (for GP100/686/586 size 6-guns) will hold regular factory 10/22 magazines. ($11)
They won't be as fast as a "looser" .41 or .44 pouch, but they fit in securely.
Works better for me since the pouch could pull double duty, being that I own a GP100, but no .41 or .44 :)

Another trick I use is an Uncle Mike's drop pouch/shell holder, which holds hundreds of loose rounds and several magazines. It jiggles and you have to be careful when bending over if it's not velcro'd shut, but it's perfect for high rate of fire plinking. (~$16)
Army surplus M-16 magazine pouch. will also hold 2 grenades!
Anyone know if the leather ones med ones will work?
something else that works well is cell phone holders, or pda holders.

Saw some at my work, Lowes, and a light bulb went off. Cheaper u can find them the better.
I use a zippered case for a digi-cam. Slips on my belt, holds six 10/22 mags.
Anyone happen to have the pictures that are missing from this post?
I just got my clear 10/22 mags (4 of them) from cheaper then dirt, 14.95ea. Anyone remember where I can pick up a block type gizmo that puts all four together? I saw it here somewhere but of course I cant find it now.. Thanks, AC
i bought a molle military surplus grenade pouch with two belt snap loops on its rear. with some spare foam (lightweight) cut into shape to support two 10/22 magazines it will hold one over the other. i put a slice of foam in between the two mags so they dont contact each other. the top of the pouch has a button that snaps into the button on the front. grenade pouch at the local army navy surplus was $4.
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