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10/22 Mag bolt work

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Who is doing accurizing work on the Mag, such as squaring up the bolt and setting head space?? Thanks, GG

p.s. no, CPC does not.
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That's a great price even if it was all original!

Ya done good!

:t :t

My "intro" to 10/22s was just the opposite.....

I had no idea what a 10/22 even was until I sent for a Ruger catalog in 1999. hmmmmm... what's this?.......10/22? .22 Magnum?.......I like the sound of that! MAAGGNNUUMMM......

Than one day, I just happened to be at a gun show and there it was! I was familiar with .22 shorts, from about 40 yrs ago, but when the guy showed me what a .22WMR looked like....I was in love! And those were just the Winchester FMJ's

Being an "old Industrial Maint. Mechanic" I could see where some "improvements" were needed and started to "fiddle around" with the rifle.

Than I got a 'puter, found Giz's 10/22 Forum, heard about Volquartsen and got "sucked into" the world of 10/22s.

:D :D
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Tell the truth

Sucked in? We all ran in like kids at a new candy store. And still here.


You're right!

"I want one of those....an' one of those....an one of those....."

There's just ONE problem......

For some of the "treats" you feel like said kid, that's REALLY HUNGRY, but doesn't have a red cent to his name!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA

21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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