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10/22 Mag bolt work

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Who is doing accurizing work on the Mag, such as squaring up the bolt and setting head space?? Thanks, GG

p.s. no, CPC does not.
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Why won't they? (CPC)

No different than any "LR" bolt.

In fact, they're the one's that said that they mill the bolt face to .049 "head space". (spec is .050)

Sorry... I have to drop some items from work list... Im now opening boxes and begining to start work on stuff sent at the end on Nov and arrived first week of Dec... Something got to go so I can catch up... 3 items I will not do any longer. (1) 10/22 'T' Target model trigger jobs... (2) 2nd stock screw (3) any work on 10/22 Magnum...

10/22 Magnum Bolt Combo's were never listed as a 'single' item on website anyways... There is a customer service option list but its for customers buying new custom barrels so they can pick thru as add on to present order, but its not pick a item as a single... Website is getting whacked, its too old and outdated to be used anymore... Im going "back to the future" with paper shop list by snail mail... HeHa, snail mail will slow things up, no... 10/22 L.R. Bolt Combo reworks will be added to list as a single item which is a on going item anyways but considered new... I would rather have you see the point and wish me luck rather then anyone getting mad over small changes that have to be made...
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I am sorry to see CPC dropping some of the items it does. And just when I was looking to get a 10/22M. :(

Its all your fault that you are too busy, Randy. If you didn't do such a great job you wouldn't be so busy. :D Its tough to have to pay the price of success. :eek:

Anyway I wish you the best of success!! Maybe you can train an apprentice (or ten).

I await with interest any answers to GG's question, as I will be in need of someone shortly as well.



Thanks for stopping by!

That explains everything. I was a little surprised when GG said that you wouldn't do a magnum bolt. You always did, before.

Macc's right....It's all your fault, you're so busy.

:D :D

GG, Macc,

A good, reliable "machinist" can check that bolt face for "squareness" and rim recess depth and make any necessary adjustments.

Chamfering the lower back can be done with a decent metal file.

A buffing wheel and some "Jeweller's rouge" will polish it up, nicely.
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Gordon, Macc, Ski ect, Headspaceing a Magnum bolt is not a requirement.. Mostly I remove .003 to .004 from face and thats to a .049 finish depth... Its not much... Unlike the L.R. bolt that really needs trimming, I do not think it does much... Firing Pin restaking was a disaster in Magnum bolt, 99% were not re-staked... So basically they get jeweled, nice but ho-hum

So I don't think dropping money into a Mag bolt is worth it... Future might be different...
I got one 10/22 Magnum bolt in house to be done... That one I will try to drill and install a forward firing pin control dowel like the L.R. version now gets... If that works, than reworking Mag bolts might be worth the money?
Chief says : Randy , very smart man.

Magnum bolt much money , almost as much as complete 10-22
rifle. no experiment there . firing pin= always been problem in 22 magnum.
No blame him fer Rugers engineering. Some things just better
to pass on. His business , he calls the shots.

Headspaceing a Magnum bolt is not a requirement..

My bolt had a "rim recess" depth of .053 and the face was not exactly square. Someone else had one with a .058 depth.


Ya don't think that "wimpy" firing pin could use all the help it can get by, at least, having the rim "sandwiched" between the bolt and breach face half-way decently?

Other than that. I agree that there's not much else that "needs" to be done to the bolt. except a good "polishing".

Could you clairify "Firing Pin restaking was a disaster in Magnum bolt, 99% were not re-staked".


Could you clairify "firing pin= always been problem in 22 magnum".
Yikes! Didn't know this was coming either. I sent Randy a 597Magnum bolt and a 10/22 Magnum bolt & trigger a couple weeks ago. I hope this ain't a problem, let me know if it is though Randy. Probably my bolt your talking about huh?
Gander, YEP, its yours... I will try installing the new style control pin early next week... (It came in 1-21-03 so its been here 2 days) (See Below)

Originally the 10/22 Magnun firing pin was a dog-dick ugly thing that was a 'rebounding design'... (I have no idea why someone would design a rebounding firing pin into a semi-auto, but they did, even worse the stupid design was copied by aftermarket manufacturers)... I have seen a few with a real firing pin, a few without rebound feature, but basically majority remains dog-dick rebounding style that does not take to the restaking on top of bolt... It will do well with a forward control dowel, so thats the direction I would go with...
Good luck Randy I hope it works (fingers crossed)!

Too cold to do anything outside, so, I tore down some rifles and charged the camera's battery, just for you.


This is a pic, comparing the Ruger LR & WMR firing pin's tips, alongside a spent case showing the "hits" it makes.

The LR is on the left.

"Why" Ruger made that Magnum pin's tip like that, I don't know. You can see the "hit" is actually off the rim.

(I sure hope Chief wasn't doing the same thing, today. He's even colder up north MO.)

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Ski, nice job identifing the problem. How about a fix, Kimosabee? GG
well thats a stupid looking fireing pin isent it . Mabey they were trying to cut metal costs down?

o.k. bwana!

That "hit" on the Magnum case is actually a good one. Good solid "hit".

See the "slots" in the firing pins in pic #2?

I elongated the Magnum's by taking a "hair" out of the back-end.

That allows the pin to be driven a little farther forward and giving that rim a good solid "smack" in the butt to get that bullet moving.

Ya gotta be carefull when "dry-firing", the pin could hit the breach-face.

We tried to talk Scott V. into making a decent aftermarket pin, like his "Exact Edge" Extractor, but.......No joy.


Who knows??
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Ehhhh - would that be blonde, or brunette? :D GG


"Red"..... not enough.


:D :D

I've owned 10/22's since the year they first came out but it was not till December that I tricked one out. After finding RFC, reading as much as I could in the last 2 month and firing a few hundred rounds through the new heavy barrel, I've really gotten hooked.

While cruising the last gun show, I looked at an over priced 10/22 only to find that it was an under priced 10/22 Mag. I thought $250 with a cheap 3x9 and a Volquartsen magazine release was fair money (later found it had a Volquartsen hammer and bolt release). Rifle looks like it has not had enough rounds through it to even get it dirty. An assortment of rounds was received today via UPS, the V16 should be here Friday but the weather will have to improve before it gets tested (I'm in N.E. KS and I know what you mean by COLD).

Thanks for clarifying some of the above statements. I was beginning to think my new toy was not such a good selection. My Mag. has the single extractor but I now know what to do if it has ejection problems. I wasn't sure if the firing pin was correct till I verified against your photo. It didn't look like it was reworked but wasn't sure about that pointed end. I would like to thank you guys for increasing my knowledge :D ...while decreasing my gun funds :confused: Keep up the good work. It's a great Forum!
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