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Hi All I,ve been away for a while but am starting to get back into it by building a reasonably priced Ruger 10/22 Rifle.
I am going to use all Ruger parts except for the Barrel. I want to use a Lite or Ultra Lite Bull Barrel. I have been looking at all the Barrel Manufactures on the internet but am trying not to spend $300 to $400. I could use some direction as to where to pick up a good 16 to 18" Threaded Barrel for a good price? Any & all suggestions are greatly apricated.

Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving
Jerry D
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I stay away from barrels with aluminum tenons..seen them mushroomed from the repeated slamming of the steel bolt as the rifle is used, then you have a big problem when/if you want to remove the barrel from the receiver

the KIDD Ultra Lightweight is the way to go for a light barrel

my lightweight rifles (built decades ago) use Volquartsen THM carbon fiber wrapped barrels, but if I were building them today, I'd use the KIDD barrel and save myself some $$$...the KIDD barrels may not look as good as the carbon fiber or anodized barrels, but a lot more bang for the buck

Crackedcornish, can you tell me about the top stock that looks like birdseye maple? I love it!
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