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Hi All I,ve been away for a while but am starting to get back into it by building a reasonably priced Ruger 10/22 Rifle.
I am going to use all Ruger parts except for the Barrel. I want to use a Lite or Ultra Lite Bull Barrel. I have been looking at all the Barrel Manufactures on the internet but am trying not to spend $300 to $400. I could use some direction as to where to pick up a good 16 to 18" Threaded Barrel for a good price? Any & all suggestions are greatly apricated.

Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving
Jerry D
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What kind of groups do you get from the acculites?
Good question and I probably need to take some measurements for the future. I don't benchrest, just an occasional sandbag when sighting in. Generally I'm satisfied if they'll hold 5 shots on a 3/4" paster at 50 yards with CCI SV. Grandkids use the rifles with Acculite barrels for 4H CMP Sporter Rifle competitions where the course of fire is 10 shots prone at 50 yards, 10 shots sitting at 50 yards, and 10 shots standing at 25 yards. Targets have a 7/8" x-ring and a 1 3/4" 10-ring. The 11 year old granddaughter shot a 293-14x at this year's state match, out of a possible 300-30x. If I remember correctly she lost 5 of her 7 points at the standing unsupported position. I need to put her on a bench and see what she can do.
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