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Hi All I,ve been away for a while but am starting to get back into it by building a reasonably priced Ruger 10/22 Rifle.
I am going to use all Ruger parts except for the Barrel. I want to use a Lite or Ultra Lite Bull Barrel. I have been looking at all the Barrel Manufactures on the internet but am trying not to spend $300 to $400. I could use some direction as to where to pick up a good 16 to 18" Threaded Barrel for a good price? Any & all suggestions are greatly apricated.

Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving
Jerry D
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Another great collection LOF! I like the red touch on that 1st rifle. My preference for a stock is the Boyds "At One Competition" not sure what color yet but the steel in it is going to be all SS or silver.
Right now I feel the way to go based on what I have put together so far, is with all Kidd hardware. Their write ups seem to be very good & they have what I want. They have a silver receiver with a scalloped bolt along with a silver trigger group and a heavy fluted 20" barrel. However this is not yet cast in stone but in doing my do diligence & research outside of going with the really high end stuff they are in the ball park (price range) with accuracy & reliability as all the other guys. It's going to be a while before it all gets done but right now that is how I'm trending.
What say you guys?
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I have a Ruger brand 16 inch carbon clad barrel right now in my shop...
Its heavier than it looks, about the same weight as a std 18.5 inch carbine barrel but I'm sure
the blue 18.5 inch carbine w/open sights barrel will be more accurate...
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I bought the first component of my build, the barrel. It is a KSA SS 20" fluted bull barrel threaded. I know I said I was going to go with all Kidd parts but as I started to price it out it just got to be more then I wanted to spend. I also ordered a complete Ruger SS receiver, bolt, trigger & V block from S & A Outfitters. Any one have any experience with the KSA barrels?
Yes, I reworked many KSA barrels, they are good -.- basically they are
slightly better than most low priced barrels under $170..
When you say “reworked” what do you mean. What can be done to make them more accurate not that I would know how to do it anyway. Just curious!
Production chambers are done at high speed sometimes leaving burrs in throat and are chambered too deep...
Rework means setting barrel back, cutting a shorter semi-auto match chamber, lapping bore and re-crowning
fitting barrel properly to receivers hole.......
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