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10/22 Hogue stock and standard stainless barrel

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Hi my name is Rick, A few months ago I bought a 10/22 sporter in stainless, then bought the Hogue molded rubber stock for a standard barrel, when I installed the stock, I noticed it was not centered after tightening the takedown screw, The barrel sits a little to the left, under inspection notice the two hexnuts #B67 that hold the barrel in position have a square bottom that lock into no#B66, to keep the barrel held in place, in noticing this noticed the square bottom B66 is slightly angled(bad machining) not square, screws are all the way tight, I think this is causing the offset barrel when it sits in the Hogue stock, is this true, and if so what do I do maybe file it;) any comments are welcome, and if this is not the case what is causing this and how do I rectify this. Aim small hit small. RAMbo.
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