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10/22 age

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Approx. what year did the serial numbers starting in 110-xxxxx get manufactured? Is their a place I can look it up? Thanks.
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Wow! It was made in 1971. Which makes it 2 years older than me. The internal design is slightly different than the standard today. The bolt is configured slightly different with three different thickness instead of two, with two steps instead of one. The firing pin is not contoured at all. It is just flat across the face. Pretty wierd huh? The bolt is not polished all over, just the surface that shows through the ejection port. It is smoother than my other 10/22's and the trigger is much crisper. It is pretty heavy. I have to think that it will be one of my favorites. I also think that this one is worth sending the bolt to CPC. His work is awesome.
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