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  1. Savage/Stevens
    Picked up a cheap 1950s C4 for a fun project with my son. The bore and stock look great. The bolt needs some attention but everything seems to be there and functional. I did notice once we got it home that the trigger has a lot of play left to right. Is this “normal” or is it the wrong trigger...
  2. Open Rimfire
    Hello Central Rimfire community. I recently procured a Taico•Squires•Bingham model 20D, apparently marketed by The American Import Co. From what I could research, which wasn’t much for this particular model, it was marked as a some sort of deluxe model. Now it is in pretty good condition...
  3. Shooting Accessories
    Here's the executive summary: the Wheeler is cheaper, easier to use, and less accurate. But there's an easy fix by calibrating the difference using a cheap Coke can.
  4. Shooting Accessories
    Having a light and consistent trigger is essential to precision shooting therefore you need a reliable trigger gauge when adjusting or replacing a trigger. A few years ago Lyman introduced their electronic digital trigger gauge with a street price of around $50. I borrowed a Lyman from a friend...
  5. Sako/Tikka
    I’m looking at picking up a Tikka t1x and building it for Silhouette Hunter class. Looking for some help since steelchickens is closed to newcomers. what are the 2-stage trigger options out there? Timney has one but the first stage Is fixed at 8 oz, meaning I have to go 1.5 pounds for the 2nd...
1-5 of 6 Results