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  1. Silhouette Shooting
    I’m looking at buying a used Wooster Hunter class silhouette stock, but weighing my options for just holding out for a used complete 1712 in the factory wood stock. What sort of questions should I be asking about the stock fit? What custom measurements should I be concerned about when looking...
  2. Remington
    I have a Remington Model 514 that I mounted a target scope on. The scope is as close to the barrel as I could make it (medium height rings). I would like to get a stock with a raised comb so my cheek weld is higher. Does anyone know of another "factory stock" of another rifle that will fit...
  3. Other Rifle Parts - For Sale
    These are 3D printed stock spacers that are based on the general shape and size of the Anschutz 4709P that's intended for use with the 4709A plate and guide. Each spacer is 8mm thick like the Anschutz one is. I'm selling in sets of 3 spacers for $25.00 including shipping to anywhere in the U.S...
    $25 USD
  4. Marlin Bolt Actions
    I like the synthetic stock on my 925r, I really do. But there's something about wood... But I can't find anyone who can sell me a wooden (or even laminate) replacement stock. I swear that I have looked earnestly. I'd be very grateful for any hints. --CC
  5. 10/22 Stocks - Factory & Aftermarket
    I'll admit it, I am not a terribly handy person. I dabble in woodworking, but usually by the time I get something done correctly, it would have been cheaper and quicker to buy it. I was looking at getting a Revolution Trailblazer stock, but I really don't want to bed it myself. Does anyone...
1-5 of 5 Results