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  1. CZ / Brno
    Hi, I have a BRNO model 5 that I am extremely satisfied with. However, the stock has taken some damage over the years and I was wondering if anyone can guide me with aftermarket stock options that will fit a model 5? Tank guys!
  2. Savage/Stevens
    My new(12/20/22) Mark II FV has a broken stock. It's plastic. I don't know how I missed this when picking it up at Bass-Pro. Any ideas on how to fix? I do expect Savage to take care of the stock. In the meantime, I'd like to be shooting at some targets and foods.
  3. CZ / Brno
    A few days ago I ventured out to make my 457 fit me and my use of it a little better. The pictures are pretty self explanatory but.. I took 4 inches off the barrel making it a 16.5” better suited for hunting in the woods. I also did not like how heavy the rifle was and this took off around a...
  4. Stocks: Making, Repairing, Refinishing, Mods, etc.
    Had this German K98 for a couple years. It's a pretty typical Soviet capture that received a Soviet refurb sometime post-WWII. Just like all the Soviet Mosin Nagants that were refurbed post-WWII, this K98 was given an ugly coat of red shellac. Sometimes the shellac is applied thick. Other times...
  5. Silhouette Shooting
    I’m looking at buying a used Wooster Hunter class silhouette stock, but weighing my options for just holding out for a used complete 1712 in the factory wood stock. What sort of questions should I be asking about the stock fit? What custom measurements should I be concerned about when looking...
  6. Remington Rifles
    I have a Remington Model 514 that I mounted a target scope on. The scope is as close to the barrel as I could make it (medium height rings). I would like to get a stock with a raised comb so my cheek weld is higher. Does anyone know of another "factory stock" of another rifle that will fit...
  7. Marlin Bolt Actions
    I like the synthetic stock on my 925r, I really do. But there's something about wood... But I can't find anyone who can sell me a wooden (or even laminate) replacement stock. I swear that I have looked earnestly. I'd be very grateful for any hints. --CC
  8. 10/22 Stocks - Factory & Aftermarket
    I'll admit it, I am not a terribly handy person. I dabble in woodworking, but usually by the time I get something done correctly, it would have been cheaper and quicker to buy it. I was looking at getting a Revolution Trailblazer stock, but I really don't want to bed it myself. Does anyone...
1-8 of 9 Results